Monday, July 22, 2013


When we decided to go to Disney, my husband and I planned on telling my son at his 3rd Birthday party (it just happens to appropriately be Mickey-themed this year).  Unfortunately, we made the mistake of talking to my mother about it while he was in the room and now he asks "Are we going to Disney?" constantly.  I needed to figure out a way to help him get through the next three months without driving us completely insane.  I thought about it for a while and decided that we would make a Disney related project or activity each week to keep him excited but not upset that we can't go right this minute.  I also decided to make a "Countdown to Disney World" chart that will start the first day of October. Here's the first of our Disney-themed projects! A MICKEY MOUSE MUSIC MAKER. It was so simple to make and Colton loved marching around the room making his "music" and singing.

*Paper towel roll
*Construction paper
*Hot Glue
*Parchment Paper

*2 rubber bands


First take a piece of black construction paper and glue or tape one edge down the length of the paper towel roll.  Once the construction paper is attached to the roll, wrap the paper around the roll and secure with more glue.
Once the roll is covered in the black construction paper, cut two circles out of parchment paper.  Place some hot glue around the rim on one end of the paper towel roll. Attach one parchment paper circle and fit it snuggly on the end and at a rubber band for extra secureness. Once you get one end finished, fill the tube about 1/3 full of rice.  Repeat the steps with the parchment paper and rubber band to the other end to close. 
Now it's time to decorate!! I chose to cut out mini sized Mickey heads from different colored construction paper and attach to the tube with a glue stick.  You could also use gems, feathers, glitter, etc.  The best part about this project is the ability to be creative!
My son really loved this music maker and plays with it a lot! (More than I thought he would...because lets be 2 years-old they lose interest quickly) But he loves to "make music" and march to the Hot Dog Dance on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! This project was so simple to make and only requires items that most people already have around the house! What mom doesn't love that?